Whatever your GPS tracking needs, BlackBox GPS has the solution for you. Download the full features list below to learn more about our versatile GPS tracking devices and accessories available. Combined with our powerful software solutions, BlackBox GPS gives you the knowledge you need, when you need it. Know where your assets are 24/7 and let us help you Track Your Profits!

Customer Testimonials

  • When I installed the units I immediately noticed a change. My drivers started coming back at 3:30 instead of 5:30. Being able to see where they are and how fast they are going has helped me provide better customer service, and made my business operate more safely.

    Steven Johnson
  • We use the BlackBoxGPS to track our delivery drivers. I noticed soon after we installed them that our drivers were coming back earlier than usual. I like to be able to monitor their speeds, idle times and recommend the product.

    Tony Aker
  • We have recently installed our first device from Black Box GPS. Installation was so simple that we were ready to monitor our vehicle within15 minutes of un-boxing the product. The website and on-line components are straight forward and easy to navigate. Having the capability to monitor our delivery and service crew's progress absolutely gives us a boost in efficiency and in peace of mind. I look forward to having devices installed in our entire fleet.

    Doug Williams
  • We use the BlackBoxGPS to route our drivers stop by stop. I check their idle times and speeds. You know piece of mind is worth a lot and this system definitely helps to give me that. I think the system is well worth the investment.

    Pat Trilli
  • We use it a lot for routing our drivers. One of our guys got lost and stuck on a small road. We used the BlackBoxGPS to find him and sent someone out to help him. I've noticed a significant increase in efficiency as well as a lowered operation cost. I am able to monitor if my drivers are speeding and can see if they are idling wasting fuel.

    Shawn Nimmo
  • When I was first approached about the Black Box, being in a rural county with no cell service, I decided it is just another gadget that wouldn't work! I was speaking with Austin regarding my drivers, and he asked if they drove well, did they do their best, or were they taking side trips I did not know about? So I decided to give BlackBox GPS a try... Now, my drivers go and come back! I am saving overtime, I can make more deliveries, the routes are easy to line up, and I cannot believe how the getting back at 5 and 6 pm has turned into getting back by 2 or 3pm... Today my drivers went to Rutland, had a full load, and will be back here within 10 minutes! Why didn't you talk me into this 15 years ago? They don't have to call in after a stop, because I know where they are within minutes... UNREAL. Thank you, thank you, thank you!