BlackBox GPS Locator OBD-II™

BlackBox GPS Locator OBD-II™

Designed for a permanent installation, the BlackBox GPS Locator OBD-II™ is a discrete monitoring system which provides the ability to locate valuable mobile assets in your business fleet virtually in real time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Transmitting its position through a data network as often as 20 seconds, this powerful tracking solutions allows your business to pinpoint your location on a map or analyze the stored data through a number of reports, all available through the secure website.

The ODB-II enabled locator can also access vehicle diagnostic interface data, track vehicle speed and location, plus detect hard braking, cornering, acceleration and capture pre and post-impact data.
The BlackBox GPS Locator OBD-II™ will continuously transmit its location to you through the BlackBox GPS Data Network. Using the network’s powerful features you can see your mobile assets in street view, aerial, satellite or hybrid views.

Information is power and the BlackBox GPS Locator OBD-II™ provides a new level of information; it has been specifically designed to monitor and analyze vehicle routes, stops, mileage, speed, trip time, and idle time. The analytical reports available allow you to evaluate fuel efficiency, time efficacy and productivity.

The BlackBox GPS Locator OBD-II™ is truly the ideal solution for anyone interested in locating and tracking your valuable assets and improving your bottom line.

Specifications & Brochures

  • Ideal For Fleet Management
  • Locate Assets Anytime, Anywhere Live 24/7
  • Economical Service Plans
  • Ability To Create Multiple Reports
  • Superior GPS & cellular
  • Low power sleep mode
  • Built-in OBD-II connector to read vehicle bus data

Service Plans

There's a service plan for every need. For this device we recommend the "Fleet Manager Pro" plan.

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